About Buck Consultants

Buck Consultants is an integral division of a collection of firms under the Buck House umbrella, tailored to the unique needs of small business owners. Specialising in advisory services, our credo is “the best consultants are the ones actually IN the business”, and this is reflected in our strong implementation focus and the personal time factored in every week to engage with our SBA clients.


Our vision is of a client whose business needs are efficiently, discreetly and accurately met, ethically and with professional competence, allowing the client to direct more time towards their leisure pursuits.


Buck Consultants places attentiveness and discretion above all else, foundational to our deeply ingrained sense of respect for our clients and their needs, while we believe integrity and accuracy are critical in properly nurturing those we have the privilege of serving.

Mr Arlyn Sharpe MBA

Founding Director& Head of Client Relations

A champion of small business across Australia and particularly in Perth and with previous extensive experience in the architectural, construction and mining industries, Mr Sharpe founded Buck House in 2014 to provide much-needed advice and mentoring to a swelling small business sector.

As such, he has lived experience of the unique challenges of the entrepreneurial world. He is unrelenting in his drive for increased turnover, volume and sustained profits for business owners, believing that this is the best and most enduring method for creating personal wealth and security.

Endowed with a passionate sense of community spirit, Mr Sharpe volunteers for the Australian Rapid Relief Team (RRT), with whom he assisted in the organisation and delivery of the globally-acclaimed Drought Relief Hay Run Convoy to Cunnamulla in 2018.

In addition to public volunteering, he is committed to addressing youth issues in his local church group and mentors a large number of young Australians in metro and regional WA, including instructing them in business methods and selling techniques.

Mr Sharpe has an MBA from the Australian Institute of Business.

Our Support Team

Buck Consultants 2.jpgBuck Consultants has an advisory panel with over 120 years of experience across numerous fields of industry, such as warehousing, logistics, automotive, medical, construction and mechanical services.

This gives us 360 degree coverage of all sizes of business in all fields, and complements our own unique in-house knowledge and wisdom.

We have a global network of offices and support staff to ensure that we can service any request, whatever we need, at whatever time you like day or night.