Our Process: How We do Business

Step 1.

So, we have chatted to you about your pressing issues, and decided on a package for you, and you are now a valued customer! That’s great news for both of us!

But what’s next?
First, for all tiers, we will take the immediate financial temperature of your business, by analysing your most recent financial statements.

We will conduct rigorous ratio analysis on these records to help identify any pertinent outstanding items that require immediate addressing.

*Naturally, your private information is kept to the maximum level of security and confidentiality, and is only shared internally on a need to know basis. We will only share your company information with external parties if absolutely necessary for better understanding of an issue, and only with your informed and written consent.

Step 2.

Now we know what the figures are that underpin your business, we will meet your workforce and introduce ourselves as your new performance partners.

People are the life blood of businesses; without them no business exists, and thus they are fundamental to our advisory service –their activities, performance, personalities, problems, motivators, incentives and remuneration need to be discussed, analysed and kept optimised –as every day is different, and the workforce is constantly changing, this feature is not only critical but a constant of our relationship.

Depending on your size, we will constantly monitor team composition, individual engagement, internal office vibe, workforce health and other mission-critical variables, which will be reported at our weekly or monthly meetings as required.

Step 3.

Measure, improve, monitor, & report. Everything measured improves!
After assessing your personnel, we will analyse and report on each area of your business as per your selected tier:

•Human Resources
•Processes & work design
•Strategy assessment, incl. Mission, Vision & Values
•Turnover & profit improvement

• Products & positioning
• Operations & project management
• Leadership team tune-up and management mentoring

• Marketing incl. Partnerships and promotion channels
• Budgeting & cost control
• Corporate governance & change Management

Step 4.

Meet, discuss, decide and repeat!

We will schedule a sit-down meeting with you at the beginning of every month, to go through your previous month’s report, discuss the coming months forecasts, and confirm any decisions taken for budgets and policies for the coming month.

We will also plan as far as practical the timing of visits and workshops during the coming month.

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